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Lryikal Minds are a California-based American hip hop duo consisting of Money Tee-The Truth (born Tanganyika Carr) and Eleven (born Kevin Simon). The group debuted in 2012 and rose to popularity in California in 2013 collaborating with the likes of E-40, Snoop Dogg, Juvenile, and Chris Styles. With catchy Street Anthems like "Lip Service", "Black Friday", and "No Days Off" the group is destined for greatness and has a bright and successful future ahead of them.


At an early age, Kevin “Eleven” Simon, found himself amidst internal conflict and personal struggle. With a separated family and few dreams on the horizon, he found little assistance in the outstretched arms of counselors and even less from peers. In a search for purpose, an outlet was discovered in the form of meaningful phrases he frequently jotted down on the blank pages of his high school notebooks. With this release of raw emotion came a newfound sense of relief to couple the unveiling of an obvious talent for writing. Eleven began to see a crystal clear connection between his self-expression and the music he listened to on a daily basis. Artists such as Big Pun, Cam’ron, Eminem, and Chino XL captured his attention. The result was an emotional, intense, busy, “play-on-word” approach to the flawlessly developed skill set. The previously mentioned icons assisted in his transformation from a troubled kid to a polished wordsmith. With a decade of tireless effort and dedication under his belt, Eleven has become what he once idolized…the influence.


Money Tee is an extraordinary female emcee, producer, and song writer with a powerful stage presence and lyrics that have the ability to touch anyone. At a young age she was introduced to music by her mother and fell in love with it. This began her journey into the music business, determined to change the way female emcees were perceived in the industry, Money Tee began writing and producing tracks that would allow her fans to connect with her personal struggles, sexuality, and the trials of growing up in the concrete jungles of Southern California. With hard hitting anthems, R&B hooks, positive content, and a hard exterior Money Tee began to shock fans with her unique lyrical patterns that encompassed a level of swag that was undeniable.

Through dedication, along with countless days and hours of hard work, Money Tee has been given the opportunity to travel all over the world working on music and collaborating with many different independent as well as main stream artist’s. Money Tee has worked with E-40, Shawty Lo, Dante Williams, Rick Ross, Swiff D, Kendrick Lamar, Stalley, The Breakfast Club, Bird, San Quinn, Jessica Sutta, Trick Daddy, Trina, as well of a plethora of up and coming talents! She is going strong and steady into her thirteenth year performing state to state, and is leaving her mark in an unforgettable way. With a BS Degree in Business, not only does she help people in her daily 9-5, she also has found a way to connect to people and touch their hearts through her music. Money Tee has built a solid foundation and loyal fan base that is continually expanding. Teaming up with her brother and label mate Eleven in 2010 to form her independent record label DirTeeRoyalty Music Group, the Group Lyrikal Minds, as well as T.W.O (The Writers Organization). The duo has already released her “MapQwest” mixtape in September 2012 and the “Better View” mixtape from her brother Eleven in October 2012. Her first studio album titled “InTangible” is scheduled to be released in 2015, followed by three consecutive Lyrikal Minds albums. Together they lead by example proving that anything in life is possible if you believe, plan and execute!

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Cash Bath - Lyrikal Minds
Black Friday - Lyrikal Minds




  • 8/6/16-9/16/16 "CALI SUMMER SERIES TOUR

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