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Kaite Marie is an extremely passionate 16-year-old vocalist. She fell in love with music and singing at the age of 10. Katie Marie had been bullied about her weight since she was in kindergarten. At the age of 10 she moved schools to get away from the bullies.  Her new school offered a talent show. Katie Marie wanted to try an audition.  Katie Marie was very shy and scared but she began to sing in front of her entire school.  At the end of her performance she had a standing ovation from everyone.  She learned to make a connection with friends and people through her voice.She believes that she was able to make a connection with others through her voice, during one of the hardest times in her life.  She believes music has helped her be the person she is today.Shortly after the talent show she wanted to sing and perform again and share her music. She entered the local fair ‘s talent competition and placed third out of over 60 people.  She began taking vocal lessons and started competing at state and national levels in talent competitions. She currently holds 11 National overall talent wins.


At a national talent competition, she was approached by the TV show X-Factor.  They wanted her to have a direct pass to the live performances.  After auditions they discover she was 3 months to young to continue competing. She then had opportunities with Americas Got Talent. Katie Marie was able to open for a performance by Jessica Sanchez from American Idol. She has also done performances for different local events.


Kaite Marie loves all kinds of Genres.  Her vocal range allows for her to perform many kinds of music.  She enjoys singing country music the most. Her message she wants to share is to raise awareness of bulling. She hopes to do that with her music.  Her second song Wreckless will directly address the subject of bulling. Her first song Shattered, was extremely successful and there is No Limit to what the future holds for Kaite Marie!

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