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   At an early age, Kevin “Cali-Creole” Simon, found himself amidst internal conflict and personal struggle. With a separated family and few dreams on the horizon, he found little assistance in the outstretched arms of counselors and even less from peers. In a search for purpose, an outlet was discovered in the form of meaningful phrases he frequently jotted down on the blank pages of his high school notebooks.


   With this release of raw emotion came a newfound sense of relief to couple the unveiling of an obvious talent for writing. Cali-Creole began to see a crystal clear connection between his self-expression and the music he listened to on a daily basis. Artists such as Big Pun, Cam’ron, Eminem, and Chino XL captured his attention.  


   The result was an emotional, intense, busy, “play-on-word” approach to the flawlessly developed skill set. The previously mentioned icons assisted in his transformation from a troubled kid to a polished wordsmith. With a decade of tireless effort and dedication under his belt, Cali-Creole has become what he once idolized…the influence.


The Highly Anticipated Debut Album from Cali-Creole

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Mind Blowin' Feat. Nandi - Cali-Creole
I'm That Feat. E-40 - Cali-Creole
9-11 Feat. Juvenile, E-Train & Play J - Cali-Creole

cali-creole's friday wordplay

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